Top 5 questions that parents ask and why the GamePlan has the answers!

Imagine being a parent with a new baby wondering what are the best steps to win the game of parenting. To help you, we created the GamePlan for Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the first 24 hours of Life and Beyond.  The GamePlan offers the best guidance to get you and your baby off to a great start. It was created in 2005, after fielding several thousands of questions from parents looking to make the best decisions for their new babies.  

Here are the five questions typically asked and by parents:

  1. How can my baby have the best start in life?

The GamePlan helps to address all of baby’s physical and emotional needs in the first week of life and sets the stage for healthy growth and development. It discusses the science behind why babies do what they do and why they need what they need. With this information, you’ll feel comfortable talking with healthcare practitioners (in hospital or at home, in a clinic, with a midwife, or with a family doc or pediatrician). You’ll be able to make the best decisions for your baby should challenges arise.


  1. How can I get my baby to latch?

A lot of parents face trouble latching, and it doesn’t have to be that way! The GamePlan has clear pictures of what an optimal latch should look like and provides insights on how to get your baby to latch more easily. Also, it talks about the importance of skin-to-skin care which makes sure latching will go as smoothly as possible!


  1. How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?

There’s two parts to this question: a) is my baby feeding well and b) how do I know if my baby is full? It’s time to throw feeding logs and schedules, and the idea of waking up baby to feed, out the window! The GamePlan shows the science behind feeding so that you know when your baby is actually getting enough milk. You’ll also learn how to tell if baby is falling asleep from being full rather than from being tired. You’ll know when it’s safe to let them sleep and when you need to feed them.


  1. Is my baby’s crying normal?

Since they can’t tell us using words, we need to learn the way our baby communicates. Because the GamePlan explains baby’s behaviour in those first few hours and days of life you will know how best to respond to their needs; if your baby cries, you will understand why and what to do.


  1. What can I do about serious issues like jaundice and low blood sugar?

Along with breathing, the most important things for your baby are skin-to-skin contact, eating, sleeping, and staying warmwith these four you have the elements to make a healthy baby!  The GamePlan’s simple-to use, one-page-at-a time system makes sure all of the above are taken care of.  

For example, some babies may develop Jaundice, which is a condition where baby’s skin might take on a yellowish tinge (and this can seem scary!).  Jaundice can be caused by baby not feeding well, or from mother’s and baby’s blood types not matching well.  The GamePlan helps parents understand the difference and deals with the not-enough-feeding jaundice so you’re able to do everything needed to prevent it.

Backed by a tremendous amount of research, the GamePlan is filled with amazing resources for parents and healthcare professionals. Since the first 24 hours to 7 days of life are so important, it’s critical to get baby off to the best start possible. Of course, since baby is learning so much (and so are parents) it’s so helpful to have a tool that walks you every step of the way.


You can read more about the GamePlan and how to order one below or by checking out this page of our site.


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