Test Weighs

I am in the research stage for one of my chapters for my book Breastfeeding the Baby Who doesn’t Latch (working title).   This chapter is about health care practitioners (HCPs) and the actions we take that undermine the mother and/or potentially cause a baby not to latch or to stop latching.  Right now I am looking into this most interesting practice of test weighs:  Weighing the baby before and after a feeding to determine how much the baby got.  Yes, a future blog topic as well, but for right now, I am looking for experiences of this.  Are you a mother, or do you know of one, who has had to go through this?

Did it help or hinder your breastfeeding?

  • If you feel it helped, how did it help?
  • Did it give you confidence, information, help guide your actions?
  • If it hindered, why?  In what way? Did you feel undermined?  Frustrated?  Helpless?  Other?

What actions were taken as a result of the test weighing?  Was your baby supplemented?  If  so, how?  Do you feel this had an impact on your breastfeeding? Positive or Negative?

Please indicate how old your baby was at the time of the test weighing and also let me know for how long you had to continue the practice.

Would appreciate brief answers but feel free to give lots of examples.

Thanks so much,


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