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Skin to skin: one family’s success story

Today I’d like to tell you an amazing story about a family’s experience with skin to skin care. I saw a lovely family this week, at about 21 hours postpartum, that had concerns from their first child. They thought a visit to the hospital in the first day would help make them feel confident. Also, […]

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Baby’s Best Start in Life

It’s amazing how much information on breastfeeding is around these days, and I’m so thankful that we know so much more now—but do we really? I remember when I had my first child—the information was shaky at best! It was conflicting and contradictory and seemed too often to defy common sense.  The crazy thing is […]

3 Reasons Why Your Baby Loves Skin-to-Skin Care

After giving birth safely, there is probably nothing more important to your baby’s health and survival than doing uninterrupted skin-to-skin as much as humanly possible. At the very least over the first 1000 hours of life. Big claim, I know! Skin-to-skin means keeping the mother and baby together naked, only a diaper on baby, until […]

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