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Skin to skin: one family’s success story

Today I’d like to tell you an amazing story about a family’s experience with skin to skin care. I saw a lovely family this week, at about 21 hours postpartum, that had concerns from their first child. They thought a visit to the hospital in the first day would help make them feel confident. Also, […]

Rules That Derail Breastfeeding (and how to avoid them)

Follow these rules if you don’t want breastfeeding to work out! It seems like many health care providers rely on rules and protocols to keep their patients healthy. Yet in some circumstances applying rules to something with a natural flow like breastfeeding can do more harm than good. In my practice, I hear all sorts […]

Why Your Baby Wakes Up More at 9 Months

Your baby has finally been giving you some stretches of sleep. You feel refreshed, like you can do anything! Until that day when… oh no… he wakes up a few hours after you put him down. Again!! Parents can worry when their baby shifts around age 9 months because we often think of sleep and feeding in a […]

Babywearing for Better Breastfeeding

Babywearing describes carrying your baby or child in a baby carrier, like a sling or wrap. It’s a way to make the normal and important demands of babies easier for parents to read. Babywearing meets both the baby’s need to be held and the parents’ needs to feel less ‘stuck’. It can allow some comfort, […]

Top 5 questions that parents ask and why the GamePlan has the answers!

Imagine being a parent with a new baby wondering what are the best steps to win the game of parenting. To help you, we created the GamePlan for Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the first 24 hours of Life and Beyond.  The GamePlan offers the best guidance to get you and your baby off to […]

Why We Need to Rethink “Cry It Out”

After a long day, nothing feels so good as to lie back in bed and feel the softness of your pillow. However, if your nights are anything like mine, a cry that could wake the dead brings you back to the real world. That’s right, your very cute baby just won’t let you sleep! Ugh. What’s […]

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