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7 Benefits of Using a Lactation Aid (and why tubes trump bottles)

Last week, a wonderfully dedicated family pregnant with their first baby came to see me. The mother was worried about her upcoming birth and breastfeeding journey. Just a few years before our visit, she had a breast reduction because of her chronic back pain. The pain was resolved but she realized that it could affect her […]

Why a vacation from nipple pain only hurts more

Nipple pain seems to be the most common challenge breastfeeding families face. Their sweet baby is born, roots around and down to the breast and OUCH! latches on in a way that instantly damages nipples. But at least they’re latching, right?!? The baby’s latch appears to be fine, so the mother must ride it out, […]

Skin to skin: one family’s success story

Today I’d like to tell you an amazing story about a family’s experience with skin to skin care. I saw a lovely family this week, at about 21 hours postpartum, that had concerns from their first child. They thought a visit to the hospital in the first day would help make them feel confident. Also, […]

Solid Foods: Baby’s Next Adventure (without parental anxiety)

Introducing solid foods is the next new feeding adventure for you and your baby! As babies approach their 6-month birthday, parents tend to worry about this next stage in their baby’s development. How can they eat food without teeth? Why did my doctor suggest starting at 4 months, but the world health organization says 6 […]

Rules That Derail Breastfeeding (and how to avoid them)

Follow these rules if you don’t want breastfeeding to work out! It seems like many health care providers rely on rules and protocols to keep their patients healthy. Yet in some circumstances applying rules to something with a natural flow like breastfeeding can do more harm than good. In my practice, I hear all sorts […]

Why Your Baby Wakes Up More at 9 Months

Your baby has finally been giving you some stretches of sleep. You feel refreshed, like you can do anything! Until that day when… oh no… he wakes up a few hours after you put him down. Again!! Parents can worry when their baby shifts around age 9 months because we often think of sleep and feeding in a […]

Babywearing for Better Breastfeeding

Babywearing describes carrying your baby or child in a baby carrier, like a sling or wrap. It’s a way to make the normal and important demands of babies easier for parents to read. Babywearing meets both the baby’s need to be held and the parents’ needs to feel less ‘stuck’. It can allow some comfort, […]

How to Avoid Spoiling Our Kids

One of the most confusing subjects I hear about in early parenting is that of spoiling. Many parents believe that their actions might spoil their children and teach them to be too dependent, or even that their cuddling is really coddling. Some of these beliefs cause so much anxiety that parents will often go against […]

10 Anti-Breastfeeding Signs to Warn You Your Healthcare Practitioner Doesn’t Support Breastfeeding

Finding the right person to help you learn how to breastfeed can be a big task for many mothers. Who should I choose? Will they really help me? How do I know he or she really knows what s/he is talking about?  What’s the best option? Will they be worth the money? Yikes! That’s a […]

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Baby’s Best Start in Life

It’s amazing how much information on breastfeeding is around these days, and I’m so thankful that we know so much more now—but do we really? I remember when I had my first child—the information was shaky at best! It was conflicting and contradictory and seemed too often to defy common sense.  The crazy thing is […]

3 Reasons Why Your Baby Loves Skin-to-Skin Care

After giving birth safely, there is probably nothing more important to your baby’s health and survival than doing uninterrupted skin-to-skin as much as humanly possible. At the very least over the first 1000 hours of life. Big claim, I know! Skin-to-skin means keeping the mother and baby together naked, only a diaper on baby, until […]

Top 5 questions that parents ask and why the GamePlan has the answers!

Imagine being a parent with a new baby wondering what are the best steps to win the game of parenting. To help you, we created the GamePlan for Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the first 24 hours of Life and Beyond.  The GamePlan offers the best guidance to get you and your baby off to […]

Why We Need to Rethink “Cry It Out”

After a long day, nothing feels so good as to lie back in bed and feel the softness of your pillow. However, if your nights are anything like mine, a cry that could wake the dead brings you back to the real world. That’s right, your very cute baby just won’t let you sleep! Ugh. What’s […]

The “Help” We Provide for Breastfeeding Families

I think we can all agree that anyone helping a mother with breastfeeding difficulties almost for sure has the mother’s and baby’s best interests at heart.  And, I am sure it is safe to say, we all want a happy healthy breastfeeding mom leaving our care with her happy well-gaining breastfeeding baby.  I don’t think that is […]

Allergies–THE BIG ONE!

Sigh…yes, I am talking about anaphylaxis. I have been following with great interest the research on whether it is a good idea for the breastfeeding mother to eat the allergen her baby is allergic to, or whether she should abstain altogether. Well, unfortunately, the jury is still out. And, depending on which side of the […]

Test Weighs

I am in the research stage for one of my chapters for my book Breastfeeding the Baby Who doesn’t Latch (working title).   This chapter is about health care practitioners (HCPs) and the actions we take that undermine the mother and/or potentially cause a baby not to latch or to stop latching.  Right now I […]

Nipple Shields, Friend or Foe

I have an upcoming blog with on Nipple Shields.  Before I post that one I would like to get some feedback from you, as a practitioner or as a mom, on your experience with shields. In our clinic at the International Breastfeeding Centre, we are now seeing babies on nipple shields in record numbers–and mothers want […]

The Wool Pulled Over Our Eyes

If you read my blog at on September 15th then you read my stance on bottles.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it might I suggest you peruse that one before starting here? As here I would like to approach the topic from a different angle. There have been some brilliant marketing […]

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