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Pain Algorithm (2011)


The Pain Algorithm is an easy-to-use tool that helps the clinician assess and treat the mother’s pain in either her nipples or breast or both.  The tools is intended to be used in a step-by-step fashion where the pathway taken along the algorithm is dependent upon the mother’s individual symptoms, and only one pathway on each algorithm will match.  Once the clinician has arrived at the final white boxes at the end of the path, there s/he will find an evidenced informed assessment followed by treatment suggestions.  

On either side of the algorithms is a glossary which defines or elaborates on the various conditions and treatments listed in the algorithms. 

At the back of the algorithm are two exciting features: 1] the 4 new pectoral muscle massages to treat mammary constriction syndrome; and 2] the pectoral doorway stretches to prevent the effects of mammary constriction syndrome.

As well, is a listing of recommended and problem-specific breastfeeding support websites.

Features Include:

·         How-to-use-this tool Intro page

·         Help to Assess  the Cause of Sore nipples

·         Help to Assess  the Cause of Sore breasts

·         Help to differentiate between Candida and Bacterial infection

·         Help to rule out Candida where a mechanical problem might likely exist

·         Introduction to the newly-named Mammary Constriction Syndrome---a set of symptoms which have (up ‘til now!) often been erroneously attributed to Candida albicans (fungal infection/yeast) or bacterial infection (e.g. mastitis)

·         The New Pectoral Muscle Massage to help with Mammary Constriction Syndrome

The New Pectoral Muscle Doorway Stretches to help prevent the symptoms of Mammary Constriction Syndrome

References for the new Pain Algorithm can be found here



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