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The GamePlan for Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the First 24 hours of Life and Beyond (Revised 2013)

Updated 2010

What is the GamePlan?
  • A laminated, spiral-bound, booklet that acts as a guide, reference, and tool for supporting lactation immediately after birth
  • GamePlan is an evidence-based and fully-referenced resource, with a full glossary and references listed within the booklet itself, for easy and quick access.

How Does the GamePlan work?

  • This tool is divided into pages where each page addresses on baby's first 24 hours of life up to 6 days of life and beyond a different age/stage of baby life in that first week
  • Each page has charted columns listing:
    • baby's expected physiology/behaviour for that age/stage
    • the explanation for that physiology/behaviour 
    • how to best support and protect the breastfeeding during that stage, and 
    • how to best treat/deal with any feeding/hydration/weight/metabolic issues that may arise
When and Where is the GamePlan Best Used?
  • The GamePlan may be used for a baby at home in the midwife's care, in hospital on the post partum floor, in paediatrics for a re-admission, and in the NICU for a baby at term or near term. 

Who can use the GamePlan?

  • Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Lactation consultants, Doulas, Parents, or anyone giving support to the mother and baby in the first week of life.
    • It is narrow enough to fit comfortably in a lab-coat pocket
    • It is laminated with rounded corners, and very easy to wipe clean


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